Friday, February 13, 2009

You aren't alone, welcome to the campaign against the Ottawa "Gods of Rock

Virgin Radio's "Gods of Rock" ads are sexist. They reinforce negative stereotypes and promote misogyny. The unhappy young women/girls portrayed in the ads are supposed to have been impregnated by "Rock Gods". There are many problems with these ads. You aren't the only one who saw the ads and thought, "wft?!?"

Take action.

part in the discussion.

End sexism.

Sign our petition (434 signatures so far!):

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Write letters.
Blog about this.
Post your photos.
Make phone calls.
Talk to your friends about the ads.



► Milestones
Call Cara public affairs' line:
Katie Clark ext 284
Jennifer Ling ext 282
Erin Wit ext 283

► Corbeil Appliances
Gatineau - 325 Greber Blvd. J8T 8J3 1(819) 568-2929
Ottawa - Pinecrest Shopping Center, 2685 Iris St. K2C 3S4 (613) 828-4033
Ottawa - 1900 Innes Road, corner Blair K1B 3K5 (613) 842-0436

► Bushtakah
Ad rep: Dave Morton davem@bushtakah
Senior Manager: Rob



►Celebrity Hardwood Flooring
2477 Kaladar Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1V 8B9
(613) 738-9200

►Kelsey's Restaurants
Call Cara public affairs' line:
Katie Clark ext 284
Jennifer Ling ext 282
Erin Wit ext 283

If you have used any of these advertiser's products
or services, I think it's time to tell them what you
think of them advertising with "The Gods of Rock" !!

Report back here, please:


► Who else to contact ◄

Diane Holmes:
Alain Mercier: alain.mercier@transpo.otta
Louise Dixon:

Virgin is having the ads taken down off Bank St
next week, and Holmes has contacted Mercier
at OC Transpo to discuss the ads on the buses!

Kevin Thurlbeck of Clear Channel Outdoor. They are the advertising company who are contracted to post the ads and who insist that the ads meet Canadian advertising standards.
He can be reached at 613-248-8447

Mayor Larry
(especially because our city buses also carry the ads!)

Phone: 613-580-2496
Fax: 613-580-2509

110 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa ON K1P 1J1


Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

1-877-249-CRTC (2782)


The Advertising Agency

296 richmond st west
suite 600 toronto ON


The ads were created by
Jason Hill & Micheal Murray
Assistant creative directors

The person in charge is:
Martin Beauvais - executive creative director


Virgin Radio Ottawa

Reception: 613-225-1069
Studio line: 1-800-754-1069 & 613-750-1069
Fax: 613-226-3381

Virgin Radio 106.9
1504 Merivale Road
Ottawa ON K2E 6Z5

Program Director, Pete Travers
General Sales Manager, Greg Orr
Retail Sales Manager, Darryl MacArthur
Promotions Director, Darren Stevens
Music Director, Kath Thompson