Wednesday, February 18, 2009


"Virgin Radio drops ‘lock-up-daughter’ ads
Hundreds signed petition opposing campaign

By Cassandra Drudi and Brendan Kennedy, The Ottawa CitizenFebruary 17, 2009

OTTAWA — Virgin Radio has decided to pull its “gods of rock” ads from city buses, billboards and bus shelters after receiving complaints that the ads were sexist and offensive.
“We are a part of the community,” said Pete Travers, program director at Virgin Radio Ottawa. “We serve the citizens of Ottawa and there were definitely some people who took offence to our advertising campaign. It was not our intention to offend anybody.”
The ads featured visibly pregnant young women with doleful expressions and the slogan, “Lock up your daughters, the gods of rock are now in Ottawa.”"

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  1. While you're right that this is a victory, I'm still left sour by the whole affair. As I wrote on my own blog recently, there's something deeply and tragically ironic about a company - not to mention a city transit committee - that saw no problem running misogynist ads for Branson and Virgin, yet also just banned some atheist "there is probably no God" ads before they were even released to the buses.

    I guess the message is: rape good, atheism bad.